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First Choice Legal Document Services

At First Choice Legal Your Documents Come First

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FIRST CHOICE LEGAL Document Services specializes in providing you with a full spectrum of legal documents and related services within the area of Family Law.

First Choice Legal Document Services is a legal document preparation company and Paralegal Service that exists for everyone who needs professional legal document assistance in the form of having legal documents prepared that are tailored and structured around your specific legal document needs and circumstances, which includes fitting into your budget and striving to go beyond your expectations.  

*The services being provided are for purposes of self-help and self-represented parties. 

Dissolution Of Marriage

About First Choice Legal Document Services

Who We Are

At First Choice Legal you will get personalized services that are built on the principles of placing your legal document needs first, tailoring the substance of your legal documents to meet the demands of your legal situation and to provide you with services that are based on the highest ethical standards, with an emphasis on Quality, Accuracy, Completeness and Affordability. 

Types of Legal Document Services

Final Judgment Packages

Uncontested Dissolution Legal Document Services

Your legal situation may consist of an impending dissolution of marriage, where the terms of settlement are essentially agreed to and determined by both parties and neither party plans on litigating to obtain a final judgment.  This would be considered an "Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage", in which a marital settlement agreement would be prepared, reflecting the terms of your agreement along with all required documents from Petition to Judgment.  

At First Choice Legal you are provided with exemplary service in getting your documents prepared for filing with the court, which encompasses a final marital settlement agreement reflective of your agreed upon terms for the division of property, levels of support, terms for sharing custody, and any other provisions necessary to obtain a final judgment. 



Contested Litigation Legal Document Services

You may have litigation needs where legal documents are necessary and required for purposes of having your position set forth before the court or in response to an opposing party, with your interests outlined within the framework of well crafted legal documents, reflecting your objectives, your concerns, your version of events, and your definition of facts and details, which are critical for the court to understand.  

These documents are fundamental to providing for and safeguarding your needs, so that you can move forward with confidence through the legal system.  This may entail such issues as a custody matter, child support, spousal support, property dispute or enforcement of judgment, where your documents are essential for the court to determine the facts and make the appropriate ruling.  

At First Choice Legal we recognize the importance of preparing your documents with the highest level of quality and care and continuing awareness that your documents are critical to the objectives and needs that you have, whether it relates to pending litigation, or resolving your case with a final settlement.  No matter what, your documents will be given the first priority from the outset regardless of the scope or nature of your legal matter.   

Child Custody Disputes

Post Litigation and Post Judgment Legal Document Services

You may be needing a final judgment package, which includes a Marital Settlement Agreement and all supporting financial disclosures and final judgment documents, which was preceded by extensive litigation and you are no longer in the position to continue with due to skyrocketing costs and both parties are able to reach a final settlement or stipulated agreement.

At First Choice Legal you will be given the best alternative to protracted litigation by providing you with legal document services that are designed to stay within the parameters that you determine. 

You may need to revisit or modify the current set of orders you have been following since the time your judgment was entered on your case.  There may be a change in your circumstances which requires legal documents to be prepared for purposes of obtaining new orders from the court. This may be due to a party's non-compliance with your judgment, or other factors pertaining to changes to your income and any other material changes requiring the court's involvement to receive new orders. 


At First Choice Legal your legal documents will be prepared with close attention paid to the intricacies and unique characteristics of your legal matter, with the approach that no one size ever fits all, and the ultimate goal of providing you with a personalized legal document work product and experience that is second to none and carefully tailored for your needs and your budget.     

Child Support Actions

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First Choice Legal Document Services is committed to identifying, meeting and exceeding your needs. Questions on legal documents, inquiries on services provided ? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today to discuss your legal document solution. 
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