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Domestic Violence Actions

When cases occur involving claims of domestic violence, individuals are in need of orders for protection to prevent further acts of domestic violence as committed by another party; with the offending party being held accountable by the courts and the law.


Domestic violence actions are filed when there is a tangible threat made towards another party's safety, or physical acts of domestic violence have taken place and one party is injured resulting from the incident where acts of physical violence have occurred or a direct and viable threat is made towards another party and their safety is compromised and at risk. When domestic violence occurs, an order for protection is necessary, which includes a full spectrum of documents designed to communicate to the court the requisite levels of protection, including but not limited to protection for persons, property, vehicles, work place, minor children and other third parties, along with pets.


If circumstances dictate the need for a Domestic Violence Order of Protection, a full description of the incident or statement of facts will be included as part of the documents filed, which includes details of the incident or physical violence, the nature of the threat made to another party's safety, and location and dates when all acts of domestic violence occurred.


If a person's safety is at risk and domestic violence occurs, it is critically important to contact the authorities to have the violating offender arrested and removed from the premises. This police record of the incident lends further support in establishing grounds for a Domestic Violence Order of Protection from the family court. 

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