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Dissolution of Marriage (Uncontested Divorce) 

When both parties are in agreement to dissolve their marriage, and they are willing to proceed without utilizing the litigation process, then they are able to obtain a final judgment with a marital settlement agreement and avoid going to court for purposes of obtaining temporary orders or other rulings that are part of the litigation process for marital dissolution cases.


The final settlement agreement will capture and address all relevant issues for each case, including but not limited to the division of community property assets and debts, the segregation and division of retirement accounts, obligations for child support and spousal support, terms and provisions for child custody and visitation, along with the division of personal property and designation of separate property assets.


All required documents that are necessary to obtain a final judgment are included, from start to finish, which includes the Summons and Petition, or Response, Financial Disclosures, and Final Judgment documents. 

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