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Paternity Judgments

About Us

Core Values and Professional Standards

At First Choice Legal your documents are prepared with the utmost commitment to accuracy, precision, completeness and factual representations of your position, with your goals and needs reflected as the foundation of the services provided.  

At First Choice Legal your documents are the number one priority, where quality service, reliability and dependability are the backbone of all services provided. ​

At ​​First Choice Legal you are given access to legal document services to help sustain you through the process of a pending legal action which entails litigation; or to provide you with documents to avoid litigation and to establish a final agreement tailored to meet your needs and to fit your budget.  


At First Choice Legal you are supported by a team of professionals that bring over 25 years of combined experience to help alleviate the burden of a legal dispute or legal action, providing seasoned document preparation skills to meet your family law needs, and to provide top notch legal document services at all phases of your legal document needs.   

Legal Documents and Services provided

Summary and list of documents and services provided


Documents and Services

  • Dissolution of Marriage

  • Marital Settlement Agreements

  • Petitions and Responses 

  • Uncontested Divorce 

  • Stipulation for Judgment 

  • Final Judgment packages


Documents and Services

  • Child Custody Disputes 

  • Child Support Actions 

  • Property Division disputes 

  • Litigation Services/support

  • Pleadings/Settlement Briefs

  • Declarations/Supporting and Responsive

  • Request for Orders

Morning Mist over Forest

Documents and Services

  • Domestic Violence Actions 

  • Paternity Actions 

  • Wage Garnishments 

  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)

  • Discovery documents 

  • Financial Disclosures

  • *Attorney Referral Services

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