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Child Support Actions

Child support cases are fundamental areas of obligation by both parents for the support and care of their minor children, and both parents are required by law to financially contribute towards the care of their child or children.


The areas or issues that are in dispute focus on the levels of child support that one party is required to pay to the other litigant for the support and care of minor children. This type of scenario is a common issue before the court and there are guideline standards for child support that are based on income levels and disparity of income between the parties, along with the custodial timeshare that is ordered by the court and/or agreed to by the parties.


Child support is essential for maintaining the stability and ongoing welfare for the child and both parties should be mindful of the mutually shared responsibility of supporting their children so as not to unreasonably shift the burden solely onto one party as a means of punishing the other party through the legal action. The court seeks to alleviate this dilemma by establishing the guideline formula so there are no unusual mechanisms to impose onto the other party as a means for avoiding child support, or obtaining orders that are unfair and burdensome. 

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