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Child Custody Disputes

Child custody issues can be an area of great contention and sensitivity as it obviously represents the sharing and designating custodial parenting time of a child or children between parties who often have competing and divergent interests and views regarding the best interests and care of minor children.


Child custody disputes are commonly dealt with by filing an action with the court through the vehicle of a Request for Order, which is filed with supporting information and facts by the moving party and then responded to by the other litigant with similar information and facts, in further support of their claims. Child custody actions are facilitated by the courts in that both parents are required to participate in the "mediation" process, which is called Child Custody Recommending Counseling.


This is a court appointed mediator who meets with the parents before the hearing date, and in the process of meeting with the litigants, determines the best interests of the child(ren) and makes a recommendation to the court. In the event the parties are able to reach an agreement before their court hearing, the terms of the agreement will be presented to the court by the mediator and considered by the court. 

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