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Caring for the Kids: Child Support Actions

Some of the most important legal actions are those involving children. Cases for child custody have the child’s physical and emotional welfare at stake, and child support actions and paternity judgments have the child’s financial wellbeing and care at stake. If you are involved in a legal dispute involving a child, make sure you have qualified legal counsel to represent you in court.

Why a paternity judgment?

There are several important reasons why you might need to pursue a paternity judgment even beyond the need for adequate child support. Many states require the establishment of paternity for any state programs. It’s also needed to make sure certain crimes like rape or incest are not involved in the child’s paternity to be certain the correct legal action can be taken against the perpetrator.

Of course, the main reason proof of paternity is required is to make sure both parents are taking responsibility for the child’s financial welfare and medical expenses. A claim of paternity requires genetic testing in which the alleged parent is responsible unless it’s proven he is not the child’s father. In these cases, he can get the fees returned to him by the party who falsely alleged his parentage of the child.

Marital status and assumed parentage

The marital status of the parents can determine whether parentage can be taken for granted or must be proven. By law, in the case of a married couple, the husband is the assumed parent of the child, whether he is or not. The court assumes the man who was married to the mother is the legal father of the child.

There are cases when the parentage can still be contested with married parentage. An unmarried parent must establish paternity. Proof of paternity signifies a legal relationship between parent and child and makes him responsible in part for the child’s emotional and financial wellbeing. Once paternity is proven, the parent can be ordered by the court to provide economic support for their child.

These cases require good legal counsel on both sides to establish or deny paternity. A child support attorney understands the laws and requirements demanded by family courts in your state and will move forward with legal actions that will support your best interests.

Children look to their parents for emotional and financial support until they have reached the age of majority. Every child is entitled to support from both parents. Hiring able legal counsel will ensure your child receives any money or other types of support he or she is entitled to.

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